A Unique Treasure

"SVICA has created an entirely new and brilliant concept to women's denim wear. Our jeans allow you to zip in and out interchangeable side panels (called Links) that bring magic and excitement to your wardrobe. I know your SVICA Jeans will become your go to jeans as they are mine.

Choose Your Links. Switch Often."

- Dianna Smith, SVICA Co-Founder

Luxurious Panache

At SVICA, we take great satisfaction in creating apparel that represent our core standards of freedom and self-expression. Our revolutionary jean collection is designed to give you the unique ability to create your own personal style each time you slip on a pair of SVICA Jeans. The buzz is in the details: SVICA Links are colorful, interchangeable side panels that are zipped in along the outside hem of SVICA Jeans - allowing for an infinitely customizable, totally personal touch for all of your ensembles.

Your Jeans Have Evolved.

Built On Innovation

Hand crafted of the finest fabrics and magnificent textiles, SVICA Jeans are an eye-catching work of art - sure to be cherished. SVICA T2 Skinny and F5 Flare Jeans fascinating and unparalleled styling has received a US Design Patent (US D661,465 S).

STEP 1: Shop Your Style - Skinny or Flare*
STEP 2: Accessorize with Links
STEP 3: Look Fabulous!

* Either style includes your first set of Black Links.